Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

I am going on hiatus once again, this time for a far shorter time than last.

Just in case some of you have actually bought into the whole "War on Christmas" nonsense, I will remind you that MERRY CHRISTMAS is still the greeting during this time of year and if it offends anyone, get over it. I remind all of you that are two versions of this holiday (well, all right, three) and if you are religious then enjoy it your way but kindly leave the rest of us alone to celebrate it the secular way or even the pagan way

so please enjoy the holidays in your own way and pay no attention to the loonies on either side who want to make our lives annoying. These poor people have nothing else better to do than go around telling others how to live their lives and how they should be behaving. These party poopers get their panties all in a wad if anybody dares to have a good time.

Pay them no mind. Have fun with your family members, tussle with the kids as much as you can, and enjoy as much or as little of your favourite adult beverage.
Just make sure you get them to sign this waiver first becuse you never know when some nutcase might wait until dinner is being served to tell you he/she is a vegan.

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