Friday, October 23, 2009

Dancing Marines!!!!!!!

Very cool and I wonder what the muj were thinking watching them dance. Get down Devildawgs!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Battle or Siege of Yorktown took place today.

Continental Infantry 7,290
Artillery 514
Cavalry 176
Total Continental Army 7,980
Militia 3,153
Total (non adjusted for effectives) 11,133
Non-effectives (sick)
Total Effectives ('rounded figure') 9,500
Rochambeau's 4,000
St. Simon's 3,000
Army detachments [See note at bottom of page] 800
Naval personnel
abord ships, in
direct support. 1,000
Total 8,800
Excluding est 15,000 naval personnel
on ships that contributed to the overall
'Reported' army strength at start.
Includes German mercenaries. 8,885
Estimated naval personnel
directly supporting 840
Estimate naval personnel figure is
from number that surrendered to de Grasse.
Estimated British total at start 9,725
Estimated sick -1,500

(The preceding is based upon data from Mark Mayo Boatner III Encyclopedia of the American Revolution (p.1248, Bicentenial Edition, NY, 1974).

It was THE victory of the American Revolutionary War. A combined French/Continental(American) army surrounded, besieged, and forced the surrender of a larger by most estimates British Army under Lord Cornwallis. The defeat sealed the fate of the British dominion over what would become the United States of America and lead directly to the Treaty of Paris.

One of the results of the French intervention was the bankrupting of the French Royal Treasury which was one of the reasons for the Revolution in France. Although Britain did lose this particular theater, she went on to completely trounce the French and Dutch in such far off places as India and the Carribean. The Revolutionary War as we call it was but a part of what could be called one of the first global wars ever fought.

US Army aviation news..

US Army to demonstrate 'slaving' unmanned and manned helicopters:

US Army eyes STUAS drones for battalions:

This sooooo cool! Think about this for just a moment: you can have a whole squadron of Apaches controlling some 4 UAV's apiece. Those UAV can be sent out in front of the Apaches, snooping around looking for the baddies while the Apache crews sit back and take their time selecting and prioritizing targets. Amazing. We don't put the crews into a bad situation and although the UAVs are not expendable by any means we cna afford to lose them and not have to send out condolances.

Also, it enables commanders all the way down to platoon or even squad level to have access instantly to information that otherwise would not be available. Man, had we had this technology during Tarawa or Normandy or dieppe think of the lives we could have saved on both sides.

Anyway, very cool stuff!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Heavy 747-200 out of Bournemouth

Some large jet takeoff footage goodness just because...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pat Condell strikes again!

Usually, I don't always agree with everything he says but this video is excellent and right on point!

Clergy are worse that parasites, especially those who live in far better conditions than the poorest of their flock. Jesus would not approve of these clergy who have ignored the lessons Christ was trying to teach.