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I wander off now to take some more hangover remedy. And yes I am posting this early while still sober!

Thursday, December 03, 2009 » ‘Oh for F**** Sake’: Jon Stewart Talks ClimateGate » ‘Oh for F**** Sake’: Jon Stewart Talks ClimateGate

Hilarious! And all to true!

Listening to RPD live on the 'net!

I stumbled across this site the other night and been listening in ever since! COPS doesn't have anything on this site because this is the raw radio calls of my RPD as things transpire. You can log on and seek out your own PD wherever you are in the US.

Check it out!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, a day set aside to honor, thank, and generally indulge the true heroes of this Republic. But few know the history of this day and why it was chosen.

During the early part of the 20th Century there was a terrible war the likes of which we had never seen before. The full power of industrialised Europe was put to the prosecution of a conflict that should never have happened. Agents acting on behalf of a country called Serbia assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. The Austro-Hungarians readied their army to tech Serbia a lesson that had been long in coming. Serbia went running to it's ally Russia, who began a partial mobilisation and sent a warning to the Austro-Hungarians to back off. Austria-Hungary went to the Germans who were their friends and the Germans told Russia to back off and began their own military preparations. There the matter would have stood but France told the Germans to stop threatening Russia. That made the Germans decide to act against France and informed little Belgium that they were gonna use Belgium's territory to get at France. That caused England, who had guaranteed Belgium's territorial integrity, to advise Germany to abandon the idea. The Germans went ahead with their preparations and on August of 1914, the German Army invaded little Belgium, whose Army fought like lions but stood no real chance of stopping the Germans. Meanwhile, the Russians made good their promise to help Serbia and handed Austria-Hungary a series of sharp defeats, which a caused Germany to send troops to help. By September of 1914 the Germans, French, British, and Belgians were locked in the agony of trench warfare after the fluid movement during August where both sides tried their hardest to get to the sea. In the East there were stable lines but many great battles remained to be fought.
Four years later in the west things had scarcely moved despite the arrival of American soldiers in their millions, the development of tanks and aircraft that were used to such astounding effect by the British at the Battle of Amiens in early 1918 (an astounding 8 miles of advance where previously advances were counted in yards)but both sides were desperately looking for a way to end the war. After the failure of Operation Michael the German Army had nothing left to launch offensives with. The French Army had seen the morale of it's troops slump so low due to casualties and the cavalier spending of their blood that the Army had briefly mutinied in 1917. The French Army would return to the field and gain some impressive defensive victories but their will to attack and sustain large losses was gone. The British were themselves facing declining troop numbers mainly because of the disaster on the Somme in 1916, where 58000 troops were lost in one morning. Only the Americans had the strength, the will, and the spirit to take the offensive. The US Marines added another battle honor in Belleau Wood, although they lost 10000 men in the process.
Germany however was looking for a way out. Her civilian leaders contacted President Wilson of the US and asked for a meeting to discuss terms. Meanwhile the slaughter continued while the German delegation stared at the armistice documents and the terms contained therein. They were aghast but had no choice because Berlin had told them to do so.
So on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour the Germans accepted the terms and the guns fell silent. At first the soldiers were baffled and had no idea what to do. After ducking and dodging shells and bullets for so long the sudden silence must have been deafening. But once the troops figured out what had happened the roar was deafening: millions of voices raised in relief and joy that the Great War was finally over.
So today spare a thought for all soldiers past and especially present. Buy them a beer and listen to their stories. and if you are brave enough, hug one. Tell him or her that you are proud of them, that you love them, and that you hope they come home for good soon.
It is a small enough thing but means the world to them!

(I KNOW that I have truncated the history of the Great War but there are links below to aid you in understanding the details!)


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To all my beloved Devildogs ass-kickers and heart breakers, have a happy 234th!

Semper Fi, Carry On

GET SOME!!!!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dancing Marines!!!!!!!

Very cool and I wonder what the muj were thinking watching them dance. Get down Devildawgs!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Battle or Siege of Yorktown took place today.

Continental Infantry 7,290
Artillery 514
Cavalry 176
Total Continental Army 7,980
Militia 3,153
Total (non adjusted for effectives) 11,133
Non-effectives (sick)
Total Effectives ('rounded figure') 9,500
Rochambeau's 4,000
St. Simon's 3,000
Army detachments [See note at bottom of page] 800
Naval personnel
abord ships, in
direct support. 1,000
Total 8,800
Excluding est 15,000 naval personnel
on ships that contributed to the overall
'Reported' army strength at start.
Includes German mercenaries. 8,885
Estimated naval personnel
directly supporting 840
Estimate naval personnel figure is
from number that surrendered to de Grasse.
Estimated British total at start 9,725
Estimated sick -1,500

(The preceding is based upon data from Mark Mayo Boatner III Encyclopedia of the American Revolution (p.1248, Bicentenial Edition, NY, 1974).

It was THE victory of the American Revolutionary War. A combined French/Continental(American) army surrounded, besieged, and forced the surrender of a larger by most estimates British Army under Lord Cornwallis. The defeat sealed the fate of the British dominion over what would become the United States of America and lead directly to the Treaty of Paris.

One of the results of the French intervention was the bankrupting of the French Royal Treasury which was one of the reasons for the Revolution in France. Although Britain did lose this particular theater, she went on to completely trounce the French and Dutch in such far off places as India and the Carribean. The Revolutionary War as we call it was but a part of what could be called one of the first global wars ever fought.

US Army aviation news..

US Army to demonstrate 'slaving' unmanned and manned helicopters:

US Army eyes STUAS drones for battalions:

This sooooo cool! Think about this for just a moment: you can have a whole squadron of Apaches controlling some 4 UAV's apiece. Those UAV can be sent out in front of the Apaches, snooping around looking for the baddies while the Apache crews sit back and take their time selecting and prioritizing targets. Amazing. We don't put the crews into a bad situation and although the UAVs are not expendable by any means we cna afford to lose them and not have to send out condolances.

Also, it enables commanders all the way down to platoon or even squad level to have access instantly to information that otherwise would not be available. Man, had we had this technology during Tarawa or Normandy or dieppe think of the lives we could have saved on both sides.

Anyway, very cool stuff!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Heavy 747-200 out of Bournemouth

Some large jet takeoff footage goodness just because...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pat Condell strikes again!

Usually, I don't always agree with everything he says but this video is excellent and right on point!

Clergy are worse that parasites, especially those who live in far better conditions than the poorest of their flock. Jesus would not approve of these clergy who have ignored the lessons Christ was trying to teach.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I like soldiers....

No matter what, soldiers keep their eyes on the boobs, er I meant ball, and keep themselves on mission.

Most of the time.

Almost always.


Bless 'em!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Disabled Marine vet gives senator an earful!!

He says "Do you EVER intend to honor your oath to defend the constitution?" and the senator can only manage a weak "Yes".

Oooorah, you go Marine!!!

US Marine earns Navy Cross

Her is a real hero for you, a man who took a grenade to save his fellow Devildogs and lived to tell the tale!

Beats American Idol any day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forty years ago...

Forty years ago today we saw 500,000 people at Woodstock, indulging in freedom that they had no right to because they refused to serve to earn it. At the very same time, 109 Americans of all creeds and ethniticities were lost in combat in Vietnam.

THINK about that for a moment will you: 109 young, vibrant, healthy Americans saw all their tomorrows taken away. These young people were called up and went to serve their country, going to a country that needed us to keep the Communists from crushing a deeply flawed but vibrant country. These young people represented in microcosm the population of the time:

A full 92 percent were white (seven of whom had Spanish surnames) and 8 percent black. Some 67 percent were Protestants; 28 percent Catholic. A disproportionate number - more than one-third - hailed from the South. More than two-thirds were single; nearly one-third married. Not surprisingly, the vast majority (91 percent) were under the age of 30, with 78 percent between the ages of 18 and 22.

Yet no media outlet praised these patriots, however reluctant some of them may have been. Instead they praised a bunch of self-indulgent hippies who would go on to spit on our troops as they came home from the war. And these same media outlets continue their praising of Woodstock and at the same time refuse to even acknowledge the ongoing sacrifices of our troops.

Don't get me wrong, Woodstock was a phenomenal concert, with the likes of jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. I would have gone had I been old enough. But the point is that while these hippies partied and trashed the place, 109 of our finest died in a far away land and remain uncommerated by the media.

The same media that calls dissent against Obamacare un-American and calls the people who are doing that most American thing called voicing their opinion against something that event the politicians themselves know is wrong racists and nazis, the same media that demands we all submit to The One, refuses to even post good stories about our troops. I have a strange sense of deja-vu, as if the media is replying their treason of Vietnam all over again.

Remember, 40 years ago today 109 service people died in combat whilst a bunch of self-indulgent hippies had a big party. Note whom the media extolls and makes into heroes and whom they decide NOT to remember. Note and dissent accordingly.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apologists for evil

Another excellent video from Pat Condell, although many times I have disagreed with him politically but this time I agree with everything he says in this video! I like how he calls himself a blasphemer, cause I agree with that title. I also like him calling lefties "appeasement monkies"!!!!!!!

Excellent video from PJTV about Honduras

Excellent stuff, what the liberal media will not tell us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dick Morris on Cap and Trade

Crisis Managemant

political pictures for your blog
see more Political Pictures

Heh....well DUH!!!!

Air France A380 video

Very cool, although the plane itself is a monumental failure economically so far.

The Obama Birth Certificate issue just won't die

Chaos erupts during a town meeting where an ordinary person demands to see the One's certificate. Simple to resolve, just show us the certificate already.

Buzz Aldrin lands a beauty on a Moon Landing truther

Too bad we can't take more of these kooks to the woodshed more often. And who in their right mind would call a Marine a liar and a coward in the same breath?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Post

To many people Memorial Day is just another day off to enjoy a cookout, some cold drinks, and time with friends and family. But to me and all those who have friends, husbands, daughters, sons and loved ones in uniform or who are veterans it is more than that.

You see, you would not be able to enjoy your freedom if it were not for our best and brightest who have chosen for whatever reason to don the uniform and go into harm's way for the sake of all of us.The sacrifices, stresses, and emotional turmoil these kids endure should make you get down on your knees and thank God that there are people like those in the following pictures who have their all so that you can have an extra day off. Pause for a moment to remember to whom exactly you owe that privilege

So the next time you see a service man or woman, don't be shy. Walk up and shake their hand, give them a hug, tell them "Thank You" or "Good to see you home" or just a simple "Thanks". And when you hear a vet from that generation that fought WW2 telling his or her stories for millionth time don't roll your eyes, go get a pad and a pencil and write that story down because once that person is gone so is the story.

Remember, they are giving all their tomorrows for our todays. Honor them appropriately at every opportunity.These are true American Idols!


Friday, April 03, 2009

He gets it...

He nails it right on the head and spells things out. Watch, get motivated, and take our country back!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This spells everything out for me...

No other words are necessary for me:

I will be sending some tea bags to my representatives. And yes, I regard Thomas Paine as one of the most deserving of Founding Fathers to be remembered. I have read all of his books and will follow his advice.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year, now I am off to recover from the final party of the Christmas season with loads of coffee and some pillow time, because that is the only cure for a hangover.

Screw you guys, going back to bed!!!!!!!!