Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why I like soldiers....

No matter what, soldiers keep their eyes on the boobs, er I meant ball, and keep themselves on mission.

Most of the time.

Almost always.


Bless 'em!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Disabled Marine vet gives senator an earful!!

He says "Do you EVER intend to honor your oath to defend the constitution?" and the senator can only manage a weak "Yes".

Oooorah, you go Marine!!!

US Marine earns Navy Cross

Her is a real hero for you, a man who took a grenade to save his fellow Devildogs and lived to tell the tale!

Beats American Idol any day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forty years ago...

Forty years ago today we saw 500,000 people at Woodstock, indulging in freedom that they had no right to because they refused to serve to earn it. At the very same time, 109 Americans of all creeds and ethniticities were lost in combat in Vietnam.

THINK about that for a moment will you: 109 young, vibrant, healthy Americans saw all their tomorrows taken away. These young people were called up and went to serve their country, going to a country that needed us to keep the Communists from crushing a deeply flawed but vibrant country. These young people represented in microcosm the population of the time:

A full 92 percent were white (seven of whom had Spanish surnames) and 8 percent black. Some 67 percent were Protestants; 28 percent Catholic. A disproportionate number - more than one-third - hailed from the South. More than two-thirds were single; nearly one-third married. Not surprisingly, the vast majority (91 percent) were under the age of 30, with 78 percent between the ages of 18 and 22.

Yet no media outlet praised these patriots, however reluctant some of them may have been. Instead they praised a bunch of self-indulgent hippies who would go on to spit on our troops as they came home from the war. And these same media outlets continue their praising of Woodstock and at the same time refuse to even acknowledge the ongoing sacrifices of our troops.

Don't get me wrong, Woodstock was a phenomenal concert, with the likes of jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. I would have gone had I been old enough. But the point is that while these hippies partied and trashed the place, 109 of our finest died in a far away land and remain uncommerated by the media.

The same media that calls dissent against Obamacare un-American and calls the people who are doing that most American thing called voicing their opinion against something that event the politicians themselves know is wrong racists and nazis, the same media that demands we all submit to The One, refuses to even post good stories about our troops. I have a strange sense of deja-vu, as if the media is replying their treason of Vietnam all over again.

Remember, 40 years ago today 109 service people died in combat whilst a bunch of self-indulgent hippies had a big party. Note whom the media extolls and makes into heroes and whom they decide NOT to remember. Note and dissent accordingly.