Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apologists for evil

Another excellent video from Pat Condell, although many times I have disagreed with him politically but this time I agree with everything he says in this video! I like how he calls himself a blasphemer, cause I agree with that title. I also like him calling lefties "appeasement monkies"!!!!!!!

Excellent video from PJTV about Honduras

Excellent stuff, what the liberal media will not tell us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dick Morris on Cap and Trade

Crisis Managemant

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Heh....well DUH!!!!

Air France A380 video

Very cool, although the plane itself is a monumental failure economically so far.

The Obama Birth Certificate issue just won't die

Chaos erupts during a town meeting where an ordinary person demands to see the One's certificate. Simple to resolve, just show us the certificate already.

Buzz Aldrin lands a beauty on a Moon Landing truther

Too bad we can't take more of these kooks to the woodshed more often. And who in their right mind would call a Marine a liar and a coward in the same breath?