Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Know your gun rights...

As many of you know or will shortly will find out, I am a strong proponent of the police and law enforcement. However I am a stronger proponent of the right to bear arms and to be left the hell alone by my officers. This video is a classic schooling of an officer who very well may have not paid attention to his law classes.

To be clear, the officer MUST suspect that you have been involved in some sort of criminal activity to just stop you with your firearm lawfully carried. He or she cannot simply stop you like the officer in the video did. Nor do yo have a duty to hand over your ID or even give your name if you are innocently going about your business with your weapon.

Like I said, I will cooperate with any LAWFUL order but simply stopping me because I happen to have a firearm on my person without any other reason is NOT LAWFUL and I am well within my rights to walk away.