Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wake student-assignment panel has a map, up to a point

Via WRAL we read:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake County settled Tuesday on a "shell" map of student-assignment zones based on high schools and larger "regions," though the decision by the school board's Student Assignment Committee came with strong cautions that lines on the map will be "fluid" and that more data on student performance and financial impacts have to come first.

The committee's three voting school board members agreed on the high-school map, one of several that had been suggested as a starting point for a community-based assignment system that will not consider the decade-old policy of seeking socioeconomic diversity in all schools.

The committee also learned that in a few years, computer projections show that eastern Wake County will experience the greatest percentage of growth, and the demand for school seats there will outstrip capacity.

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My take:
Despite the protests, the disruptions, the outright lies by the leftist scum that made this problem in the first place, the school board is diligently doing what the people of Raleigh and Wake county wanted and voted them in to do. The fact that the leftist continue to try to disrupt the process and even now are caterwauling like alley cats. I personally am very proud of the board as they undo all the damage that leftist policies that have caused so much damage to our city and county. Every time that liberals scream this much you know that what you are doing is the right course. I only hope that the board stays the course to the end.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Leftist intimidation of the Wake County School Board

Via WRAL we read:

RALEIGH, N.C. — AdvancED, a national and international education accreditation organization, plans to send a team to Wake County this fall to review planned changes to the public school system's student assignment policy.

The group sent a letter to Wake County Public School System Interim Superintendent Donna Hargens on July 28 outlining concerns and questions raised in a complaint filed in March.

School system spokesman Michael Evans said the original complaint was filed by Rev. William Barber, president of the state chapter of the NAACP.

Barber has been the leader of a vocal opposition to the school board's decision earlier this year to do away with a policy that assigns students to schools based on socio-economics.

He and others fear that ending the longstanding policy in favor for one that places students in schools closer to their homes will lead to re-segregation, high teacher turnover and poor students receiving a lower quality of education than their economically advantaged counterparts.

Five of the school board's nine members disagree and believe the move will help improve test scores and give parents more chances to be involved in their students' education.

In the letter to Hargens, AdvancEd CEO Mark Elgart asked to review all policies adopted by the Wake County Board of Education since Dec. 1, 2009, the date on which the new board majority was seated.

AdvancED also asked to review the transition plan for the shift to community-based student assignment.

Individual high schools in Wake County are accredited by AdvancED and a second organization, Baldrige, Evans said.

The review team from AdvancED is expected to visit Wake County sometime between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15.

Web Editor: Jodi Leese Glusco

In other words, since we can't stop you from undoing all the crap we did over the years, then we are going to try and bully you into stepping back. Look, we the people have spoken and we want real solutions not more spreading of the disease. We wanted and voted in a school board that will do just that. The new head of the board stated that they will continue to proceed on the new policy regardless of the ongoing disruptions and protests. I agree and support the new policy.

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