Thursday, September 23, 2010

Organization threatens to strip Wake schools' accreditation

Via WRAL we read:

"Kenneth Bergman, general counsel for AdvancED, responded in a Sept. 17 letter that the organization had not reached any conclusions about the shift in student assignment criteria.

"We do have sufficient concerns that the actions of the board may negatively impact the educational opportunities for students of the schools that we accredit in Wake County," Bergman wrote.

The board's actions have created "substantive change" in area schools, he wrote, so AdvancED needs to review them.

"Unfortunately, the openly defiant nature of your correspondence makes engaging in the collegial process of accreditation services difficult," he wrote. "The board's refusal to comply with our requests is in direct violation of the AdvancED Policies and Procedures for Accredited Schools and constitutes grounds for dropping the accreditation of the Wake County schools."

If any of Wake County's 24 high schools were to lose their accreditation, it could reflect poorly on graduates who apply for higher education.

AdvancED gave the school board an Oct. 1 deadline to set up a meeting and turn over requested information.

"It is our hope that the board and district will take advantage of this extension and fully engage our organization in meeting the difficult challenges facing your schools," Bergman wrote."

Folks, this is nothing less than an ultimatum against Wake County and the will of the people. I noted yesterday that this is nothing more than bullying, but now it has morphed into nothing less than outright blackmail and intimidation. What the Left was not able to achieve with protests, disruptions, and other nonsense they are trying to achieve with this outright thuggery. The "defiant stance" of the board is correct in that here is an out of state group trying to re-impose the failed system that was in place. I say bring it on because Wake county will continue to fight for the children and the parents. And this particular fight is not the only one going on because we have school districts all over the country fighting against Leftists who see nothing wrong with indoctrinating our children with Islam or suspending a child for having candy. This is far from over.

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