Monday, October 04, 2010

Goldman breaks ranks with Wake school board majority

Via WRAL, we read:

"Debra Goldman, a member of the five-person block behind changes to policies in the Wake County Public School System, said Monday that she may vote against a student assignment plan if it does not provide each student with a base school.
A Student Assignment Committee has been meeting for months to hash out a way to convert the county-wide school district from a system that assigns students to balance a school's socio-economic makeup – a policy opponents said resulted in long bus rides – to one that focuses on keeping students closer to home in geographic zones.
Goldman, who voted with the majority to initiate the policy change, is not a member of that committee and feels shut out of planning, she told WRAL News."
Desperate to find any chink in the board, any at all, the usually sedate WRAL finds the one member of the board that is  a dissenting voice in order to push the idea that the new policy is not the will of the people or in the best interests of the kids.
But wait just a minute! This woman is not part of the committee? So why are we even paying her any mind? Why she is whining that she feels "left out" (boo-hoo) and is just all broken up about it. Quick, give her an interview before she slips back into irrelevancy.  Not only is she not part of the planning committee (but I repeat that deliberately) but she is not even part of the main board. Understand this clearly: She is "left out" of the planning because she is not part of the said planning committee! 
So this whiny little woman is getting her 15 minutes of fame but that is all. Nothing more than a further irritation to the Board as it struggles to do it's job while confronting still further leftist shenanigans. And who is this person?

 There she is, Debra Goldman. Looking somewhat lost and clueless, like many on the left. She feels left out of something that she is not part of to begin with. Can we please get back to frakking work now that Ms. Goldman has had her little pity party?

Here is her money quote, which I will give pride of place:
  "We really need to listen more to people," she said. "We need to hear what they're saying. We need a to formulate a plan and really cohesively figure out where to go from here."

Oh god no, we aren't listening enough to the people, we aren't forming a circle and singing kum bye yaa and beating on drums! Quick, somebody get her a blanket and a warm glass of milk! Poor thing.

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