Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wake schools' Goldman holds forum and Meeker razzes majority

Via WRAL we read:

"With uniformed officers at every exit, Wake County school board member Debra Goldman held a forum on the divisive issue of student assignment at Cary Town Hall on Tuesday night.
The meeting was orderly and quick, absent the heated emotions that have become staples at recent full board meetings on the topic.
Some attendees thanked Goldman for breaking with the board majority last week and voting to pull the plug on a plan to put a community-based assignment policy into effect by creating a series of school assignment zones. The plan would have dropped socio-economic diversity as a criterion for student assignment.
“I just want to thank you very much for standing up in a very difficult situation and doing what you did,” attendee Mary Ann Meagher said.
Others at the meeting voted for Goldman last election and expressed feeling of betrayal by her recent departure from the board’s majority.
“Your double talk and empty promises serve no one but yourself,” parent Allison Backhouse said. “I think I speak for many when I ask, ‘What’s next?’”
Goldman said she still supports a neighborhood school model for Wake County, but said she changed her mind because too many people were being left out of the decision making process.
Goldman stressed to those in the crowd that whether they agree or disagree with her decisions, she valued their thoughts.
“It’s really important to hear the opinions and get the feedback from as many people as possible,” she said."

 Notice how she held it on her own turf with overwhelming police presence and also note that there were people who were not happy at all with her. Also note how she is still not using logic but emotion, especially with that "It’s really important to hear the opinions and get the feedback from as many people as possible,” garbage, which translates into "let me gum up the works as much as possible to make me feel better. Well, Ms. Goldman, those widdle feelings of yours are gonna get even more hurt come election time. And your stunt of a meeting in Cary is also going to return sometime soon when you are going to have to answer to Raleigh parents, who are even more fed up than you realize. 
In a related note, we have Raleigh mayor Charles Meeker, whose wife just happens to sit on the same board as Goldman and Tedesco, razzing the Republican majority:
"'m also pleased to be here with my wife, Anne McLaurin, who survived last night's school board meeting," Meeker said. "And I want you to know she was not called a 'prom queen,' whatever that means in New Jersey."
Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/10/09/729794/meeker-razzes-gop-school-board.html#storylink=misearch#ixzz12CgRr5DU

That's right, a sitting mayor who is also a Democrat decides to weigh in on something that is none of his business but at he kept it classy (sarcasm intended) and mature. Notice again how these people resort to name calling and useless razzing when they have nothing else to throw at you? For his part, Tedesco has apologized for the remark, the mark of a true gentleman. As it goes, Goldman's gumming of the works can only hurt the true victims of all this, namely the children.  But as I have stated before, this is not really about the kids at all, it is about hurt liberal feelings. And electorally, Goldman might just get her butt handed to her.

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